partypoker Hosting Grand Prix KO Series With Over $1.5m In GTS

partypoker Hosting Grand Prix KO Series With Over $1.5m In GTS September 21, 2021 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Sep 21, 2021  |  Updated on Sep 21, 2021

partypoker Grand Prix KO SeriesWhile GGPoker and PokerStars focus their attention on massive poker tournaments, partypoker is filling the gap for low stakes to mid stakes poker action with its Grand Prix KO Series.

The 2021 Grand Prix KO Series started on Sep 19 and is set to run till Oct 4. There are a total of 16 scheduled events with a total of over $1.5 million in guaranteed prize money being given away throughout the series. This series is designed for those with small bankrolls as the buy-ins start from as low as $5.50. The highest buy-in for this series is just $530.

partypoker is expecting players from around the world to take part in this series and so it has set different timings for these 16 events. This is to enable poker players in different time zones to be able to take part. There are different starting flights for these events and a lot of them allow for rentries.

The PKO series is popular with poker players around the world as the knock-out format allows them to win real money even if they don’t end up making the final table. While most of the events are catered to low and mid-stakes players, there are four events which have prize pools of $100,000 or more.

Six Figure Events To Play

Here are the four events with a 6 figure prize pool. It starts with Event 2 which is a 6-Max event with a $250K guarantee and a $55 buy-in. It runs from Sep 19 to 27. Also running during this same period is Event 3 which is the 6-Max High Roller with a $500K guarantee and a $530 buy-in.

The third event is Event 6 which runs from Sep 26 to Oct 4. This is the Mini Main Event which has a $100K guarantee and a $11 buy-in. The fourth event takes place from Sep 27 to Oct 4 and is Event 10 which is the High Roller which has a $500K guarantee and a $530 buy-in.

The highlight of the series will be the $109 Main Event which runs from Sep 26 to Oct 4 and has a $500,000 guaranteed prize pool. partypoker is running multiple satellite events for the Main Event. These satellite events start out at $2.20 and feed into a $16.50 satellite event. Check out partypoker for more details on the 2021 Grand Prix KO Series.

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