Duhamel Suspects Appear in Court

Duhamel Suspects Appear in Court January 6, 2012 Mario Alfonsi
Mario Alfonsi by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Jan 6, 2012  |  Updated on Jan 6, 2012

We originally reported that there were 4 suspects, and there are, but only 3 of them appeared in court yesterday. They appeared in bail court in Longueuil, Quebec and Bianca Rojas Latraverse, John Stephan Clark Lemay, and Anthony Bourque were told of the evidence that incriminated them. The presiding judge was Judge Pierre Belisle. Latraverse is supposedly a former girlfriend of Duhamel which is why the other two men were able to know the layout of his home so extensively. It was known that the robbers knew what they were doing once they were easily able to locate the safe that Duhamel had.The Canadian police released the items that were taken, and along with about $40,000 Canadian, and 74,000 euros, Duhamel’s WSOP bracelet and a Rolex were taken as well. Latraverse seems to be the brains behind the whole thing as witnesses attest to her talking about wanting to rob Duhamel. She admitted that this was true once arrested and she also turned over the names of the two male subjects. Most would think that because they dated things must have ended horribly for Latraverse to act like this, but that is not so. According to Duhamel the break up of a relationship that lasted for about a half year was unlike any others and there was not much tension or hard feelings. Apparently he was wrong but it is good news that all of his belongings and money is going to be returned. A WSOP bracelet is not something anyone ever wants to lose.The fourth suspect, Andre Perron, is out of jail on bail and faces a charge of being in possession of stolen items. He is only involved in this story because he actually possessed the Rolex when the others were arrested. He will likely get off pretty easy assuming he knew nothing else of the robbery. The funny part about all of this is that Duhamel will probably never even be part of the trial because he is playing in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in the Bahamas.

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