Bodog Anonymous Tables Fixed

Bodog Anonymous Tables Fixed December 9, 2011 Mario Alfonsi
Mario Alfonsi by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Dec 9, 2011  |  Updated on Dec 9, 2011

Recently, it was reported that Bodog’s anonymous tables were not operating as they should. In fact, this little mishap made all the information that was supposed to be private, very public. But like the reputable site they are, Bodog was very speedy with an answer to all the mounting questions. The first thing they did was assure players that they would not be losing any money and that their accounts are in the same standing they were when the player last logged on.Bodog was so quick to respond to the situation that in only about 24 hours it was resolved. They offered a press release, which read:“The talents of the online poker community have been enormously helpful in testing the new software we have released. Obviously, any release has its teething problems and equally obviously we take any fault very seriously and we have released an update we are confident have addressed the most pressing issues.”Kyle Boddy was the person who recognized the security deficiency. Once discovered the problem was very easy to fix and took only on night. Mr. Boddy was trying to gain access to player information because his job is to get that information and then sell it to players. This can help some players gain a very unfair advantage at online tables. It may seem like people should be allowed to bring legal action against the hacking that Boddy and others like him do, but the online poker industry has very few regulations in regards to this.At the end of the day it is good news that Bodog was able to recognize a problem and fix it with ease. I want to stress again that all player funds and other information is exactly how it was when you last logged in.

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