Adeniya Takes the Lead at EPT Deauville

Adeniya Takes the Lead at EPT Deauville February 3, 2012 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Feb 3, 2012  |  Updated on Feb 3, 2012

Day Two of the European Poker Tour’s Deauville Main Event saw more than half of the remaining field eliminated, as just 178 of the 546 players who came into the day will be continuing on to Day 3.  At the end of the second day of play, it’s Martins Adeniya who has grabbed the chip lead. Adeniya, who bagged 512,200 chips, is an up-and-coming poker pro based out of London England. Though he does not yet have any majortournament poker wins to his credit, he has won over $424,000 in his live tournament career, which includes several cashes in the World Series of Poker.Several notable players saw their runs come to an end on Day 2, as Scotty Nguyen, Vanessa Rousso and Jake Cody were all bounced from the tournament short of the money. This leaves very few household names remaining in contention, though there are certainly a number of talented professionals in the field.For instance, James Dempsey – who already has WSOP and World Poker Tour titles to his credit – is still alive with nearly 275,000 in chips. Another big name who is hanging around, though with a small stack, is Shannon Shorr, who has just over 100,000 chips.The current chip average is about 150,000.  Players chasing Adeniya near the top of the leaderboard include Brahim Oubella and Artem Litvinov, who sit in second and third places respectively. The top French player in the field is Ludovic Lacay, who currently occupies fourth place.Day Three of EPT Deauville is expected to see the money bubble burst, as 128 players are guaranteed to take home a piece of the €4.6 million prize pool. The eventual winner will take home €875,000, while every player who makes the money is guaranteed at least €7,500. The tournament champion will ultimately be determined on Monday night, when the final table will be played.

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