5th May Cashout Deadline for Seals with Clubs Users

5th May Cashout Deadline for Seals with Clubs Users May 23, 2017 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on May 23, 2017  |  Updated on May 23, 2017

The only Bitcoin-only poker website, Seals with Clubs, has made announcement on its website that all its users have to cash out their balances by 5th of May, 2015. If they fail to do this, their Bitcoins will be lost.Seals with Clubs (SwC) used to be the biggest and most popular Bitcoin poker operator on the market until it went offline on 11th of February without any notice. The management team used SwC Twitter profile in order to inform customers that there has been “a hardware failure” and that it would be resolved within 2 hours. However, after nine days SwC made an announcement that all its operations would be ceased due to threats to “operational security” that had put the site into “a perpetual state of jeopardy.”

Players Have Less Than Two Months to Cash Out

New information on SwC site informs players that they have to cash out their balances unless they want to lose it. The final date for doing so is 5th of May; hence, players have less than two months left in order to withdraw their Bitcoins from SwC.Besides the cashout deadline, the message on the site states that all activity on the sealswithclubs.eu will cease on May 5th, 2015. Furthermore, it explains that after that date players wouldn’t be able to retrieve balance or connect an e-mail to an account.It is still unknown what really happened at Seals with Clubs. The site’s Chairman said that from a technical perspective is unclear what had gone down, but he pointed out that the system was very secure.

Bryan Micon Relaunches Seals with Clubs under the Name SwCPoker

The Chairman of Seals with Clubs, Bryan Micon, decided to relaunch the site under the domain swcpoker.eu and to use a new name – SwCPoker. The site was launched at the end of February and it is fully owned by Micon since the rest of the SwC Management quit the project.Micon’s house has been raided on 11th of February by Nevada Gaming Commission, but he said that the raid wasn’t related to the technical difficulties at SwC. During the raid, Micon was marched onto his lawn by armed officers and afterwards was released without charge. Nevertheless, his computers and electronics equipment have been confiscated.The traumatising event made Micon move to Antigua and start his new Bitcoin poker site there. He explained that he “didn’t really want” his two-year-old daughter to grow up apolice state “where creativity is often met with guns and handcuffs.”

After the launch of SwCPoker, the site has been gaining on popularity and there are averagely around 60 players, according to PokerScout, that are playing on the new software which was supposed to be used for the previous poker room. The new site has a better variety of games than its predecessor such as badacey, dealer’s choice, open face Chinese pineapple and etc.For the latest updates in the Bitcoin poker world, check out the Bitcoin poker section on BitcoinCasino.org.

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