2008 WSOP Bracelet Buyer William Haughey

2008 WSOP Bracelet Buyer William Haughey January 24, 2012 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Jan 24, 2012  |  Updated on Jan 24, 2012

Back in 2008, the World Series of Poker Main Event was won by Peter Eastgate. It was a great year and he himself made a great run. Back in November he announced that his coveted bracelet was to be auctioned on eBay in hopes of using the money for charity. The initial bid was $16,000, but an item like a WSOP bracelet does not come around every day and it is no surprise that the bracelet sold for a whopping $147,500 to a user who can only be referred to as “7***I”.William Haughey was the name of the man who placed the winning bid, and claims he only did so once he found out that the proceeds were going to charity. Haughey, a Scottish businessman, is now organizing a charity event which he said he will match charitable funds up to $1 million. Haughey is already well known for his charitable nature, and this whole story is heartwarming.Haughey became rich through a refrigeration company he owns and ever since then has been donating millions of dollars to charities and organizations everywhere. One example of his kindness was when he used engineers from his own company to help West Africans build wells so they would have access to clean water. Instead of sending some lump sum of money to a charity, Haughey sent his own men to Africa to build the wells themselves. He was recently interviewed by “PokerNews” and as said that he was interested in the bracelet as soon as he knew it was for charity. The money which Haughey used to pay for Eastgate’s bracelet has already been donated to UNICEF. The exact sum that was handed over is just a bit under $143,000. This is a story that truly exemplifies what a little kindness can do.

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