Mac Poker Sites

by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on May 23, 2017  |  Updated on May 23, 2017

Being a Mac user, you are going to have to spend quite some time comparing many different poker sites, for sadly not all of them are going to be fully compatible with your computer or mobile device and you will never want to waste your time signing up to a poker site if you cannot then access the poker games and poker tournaments on offer at it!What I am however pleased to inform you, that some of the very best and top rated poker sites have spared no expense regarding their poker platforms, networks and poker software, and as such you are certainly going to come across some poker sites that are fully compatible with all Mac devices.If you are unsure as to whether player poker online is something that you will enjoy doing, then please do make use of the following guide, for I will be guiding you through all there is to know about playing poker on a Mac and letting you know the pros and cons of doing so too.But never be in any rush to sign up to the very first site you do come across, for that is often how you end up making some costly mistakes!

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If you’re looking to play poker from a Macintosh Computer, you have two popular options. The first choice is to play on a website that offers an instant play version that compatible with Macintosh brand computers. These are pretty common, and offered by most poker sites.The 2nd option is a download version of the poker sites software that is more than just playable on Mac; it’s downloadable to the Mac. For most players, this is the most preferable option. However, surprisingly enough, Macintosh is the 2nd largest provider of computers in the world. The company (Apple) that initially became popular largely because it was not mainstream has now become more mainstream than what many consider mainstream.Yet, there are still many multi-million dollar online poker sites that don’t offer download version of their software for Macintosh computers.Now above we said you had 2 options right? Two ‘popular’ options. There is indeed a 3rd option. If you’re of the more tech savvy variety, you can actually use a work-around that will make your computer compatible with the poker sites, rather than making the poker sites compatible with your computer. There are a few ways to do this. We’ll delve into this topic more below

Mac Poker Download

Poker sites that offer a download for Macintosh computers are the most popular amongst Mac poker users. These software clients are similar to the windows versions of the same games. Mac software installations generally take less than a minute to get set up. Set up works just like it does in Windows versions, and in most cases Mac clients feature the same bells and whistles, including sound effects, and top notch graphics as their Windows counterparts.The first poker site to ever offer a downloadable client to Mac poker players was actually Full Tilt Poker, currently not in business. Not long after, the company that recently purchased Full Tilt, PokerStars followed up with their own Macintosh Download offering.

Instant Play Mac Poker Sites

Poker sites that don’t have a downloadable version of their software available for Macintosh, the world’s 2nd largest operating system, oftentimes offer an instant-play no-download version of their software. These sites offer a version of the poker site that is played from directly within your internet browser, so long as that browser is compatible with the poker site.This method of connecting to online poker sites isn’t just popular with Mac users; it’s also a common connection choice for mobile poker players that are logging on from iPod’s, iPad’s, Android phones and other mobile devices.As long as the device you’re using to connect to the Internet is compatible with the instant-play no-download required poker site, you’re on your way to the poker table. Back before mobile poker was even heard of, Party Poker dubbed their instant play software “Anywhere Poker” because you didn’t have to be at home on a Windows computer to play, you could play poker online at Party Poker from anywhere you could log onto the Internet. Even at the university library, on a Mac.

Playing Online Poker using Wine Macintosh Software

Wine HQ makes it possible for Macintosh users to download and play at poker sites that are otherwise only compatible with Windows computers. Make sure you have the latest version of Wine. Not every version of Wine is compatible with every poker site, for instance, Everest Poker requires at least Wine 1.1.22.Wine and other software options similar to Wine are available directly from the Wine HQ website, as well as from

Online Poker via PC Emulator

Another way to play your favorite online poker games from a Macintosh computer is basically to get your Mac to act like a PC, via a PC emulator. PC Emulators are designed to operate software that is just not Macintosh compatible. There are quite a few PC emulators for Mac available on the market, including two popular choices, virtual PC and iEmulator. There are downsides to using emulators however, one of which is that the use of these programs has been known to slow down Mac computers considerably. Another is well, if you wanted a MAC, why would you want it to act like a PC?

Poker Games You Can Play on a Mac

One of the most commonly asked questions I do tend to get asked time and time again, is whether there are going to be a very diverse number and range of poker games available at Mac compatible poker sites.That is of course a good and fair questions, for as a poker player you are not going to want to be forced to play just a small range of poker game variants, especially if the only games on offer to you are ones that you have not fully mastered playing!Well, I am more than happy to let you know that in regards to the range, type and variety of poker game variants that are on offer to Mac users these days, there are going to be a very large range of different games on offer to you.But it will be of course all be dependent on just which Mac Poker sites you do end up playing at, and with that in mind always make a point of finding out just what individual poker games are on offer to you at you at such sites as you may find some that only offer the fairly standard variants of Texas Hold’em Poker and Omaha Poker and often nothing else!

Poker Tournaments Available to Mac Users

Never be under the impression that you are not going to have a fair number of poker tournaments available to you if you are a Mac user playing online, for you are going to find a huge number of poker sites that do offer poker tournaments of ever possible description too.However, as there will be many different structured poker tournaments at every single Mac poker site you do come across, I would urge you to first take a look at their respective websites.By doing so that is where you are going to find the daily poker tournament scheduled listed , which will then allow you to look at all of the days and often the weeks or months upcoming poker tournaments and then decide which ones are going to be worth entering.There will of course be a very good mix of different poker tournaments that Mac users will be able to enter and then take part in, and they will include free to enter ones and ones that offer a range of different low to high entry fees too.

Best Valued Mac Poker Bonuses

The subject of Mac poker bonuses is a tricky one, for whilst there are always going to be lots of different poker bonus available to you some of them are going to be worth claiming and some of them will not be.Therefore you really should make a point of comparing the size and value of any poker bonuses that do come your way but also, and this is much more important, always read through the poker terms and conditions attached to each poker bonus offer too,By doing so you are then going to be in a good position to make a very well balanced decision as to whether you are going to benefit from taking any poker bonus and can choose which if any do offer you the very best value and the maximum winning opportunities too.You can of course choose not to accept any poker bonuses what so ever, and by doing so you will have the freedom to play any poker games you want and for any table stakes, and will also be able to cash out any winnings at any time, without having to worry about completing any play through requirements first!

Benefits of Playing Poker on a Mac

There are loads of benefits that will be coming your way, especially if you are switching your land based poker playing action online, and you are using a Mac as the way that you play poker games and enter poker tournaments too.When you play at a land based poker room you are often going to find a very strict schedule of when both poker cash ring poker table games and poker tournaments are going to be up and running, but by playing online you will have access to poker tables and poker tournaments 24 hours a day,There will also be many more individual poker game variants that you can and will be able to make use of when playing poker on a Mac, so if you do have a preference for playing perhaps some of the much more obscure poker games you will always find a site that has them on offer.Poker tournaments are also a great way of playing poker on any Mac device, and as far as the types of poker tournament you can get stuck into entering, the sky really is the limit and there will be both free to enter and paid to enter poker tournaments on offer to you too.

Choosing a Mac Poker Site

I would urge you to spend quite a bit of time looking around for a range of different poker sites that you should then check out and start comparing, for if you make the common and often made mistake of playing t the very first Mac poker sites you come across it may be a decision you ultimately regret.The sign of a good Mac compatible poker site is one that has taken the time and effort to get fully licensed and one that is regulated so when looking over the websites of any such site you do come across make sure they do hole a full and valued gambling license.In fact, if you do choose a poker site that is licensed in your home country of residence then you will have the added protection of that gambling commissions or gaming authority who will ensure at all time that Mac poker site adheres to the laws or the land and is a poker site that is well financed and is also run to the very highest of entry standards too, so make sure that is something you do actively try and do at all times!

Funding Your Mac Poker Site Account

I am often asked by Mac users whether they are going to face any type of restrictions or will have to make any compromises when it comes to both funding a Mac poker site account or when they have experienced an winnings session and then set about making a withdrawal form that poker site.Well, if that is something you have been worried or concerned about, allow me to lay those worries to rest, for one thing that you are never going to go short of when playing at any real money Mac poker site are payment options.You can choose to use any debit card as the way that you fund your account and also both credit cards and prepaid cards and also vouchers can be used as the way you fund such an account online, plus you will also be able to use web and e-wallets too.There will however, and this is important, be a different set of time scales associated with not only each Mac poker site but also each payment method they have on offer to you, so for fast and efficient winning payout always choose the payment option that a poker site can pay you out the fastest when using and also the one that has no additional fees and charges attached to it too!

Comparing Different Max Poker Sites

As soon as you do get together you own short list of potential Mac poker sites that you may be thinking of signing up to and playing at you will then need to go through and compare everything those sites have to offer you.Some things that should be on the checklist you use to compare Mac poker sites are the range and type of new customer and ongoing player bonuses and promotional offers, and also just how rewarding their respective loyalty schemes are.Another thing to make a point of finding out is whether any Mc poker site has an around the clock customer support service on offer, which is something any top rated poker site should be offering their poker players.Also it will be just how busy a poker site is at any time of the night or day that really can make a difference to the type of playing experience you will have, for the busier poker sites are always going to be offering more poker games and poker game variants and will often have the very highest paying poker tournaments too!

Frequently Asked Questions

It can of course be quite daunting when you first start playing poker online, but it is a playing environment that you can soon get the hang of using, and to help you get an even better insight into that playing environment, here are the answers to a range of different questions related to playing poker on a Mac.

What’s the most popular Mac poker game?

It isn’t going to surprise too many people to discover the currently the most played poker game variant that Mac uses tend to play more than another other is Texas Hold’em Poker that is available at every single online and mobile poker site by the way!

Can I enter poker tournaments using a Mac?

Make no mistake about it, no matter what types and categories of poker tournaments you do fancy entering and taking part in you will be able to do so when playing online or even mobile poker on any type of Mac device!

Are pot limit games on offer at Mac Poker sites?

Be under no illusion that you are going to have to many any type of compromises when you do decide to play poker online using a Mac as you are not going to have to do so, for there are going to be every single type and variant of poker games on offer to you are such sites and that odes of course include all variants of pot limit poker games too.

Do Mac Poker sites accept PayPal?

There will be a large number of different payment options on offer to you when you sign up to and then play at any Mac poker sites and some of them are going to allow you to deposit and withdraw using the web wallet that is PayPal!

Can I win big playing Mac poker games?

It will of course be the types of poker games that you enter using a Mac that will ultimately determine just how much you could win when playing poker online, look out for high valued bad beat jackpots and no limit poker games if you do want to have a chance of winning big!