Legal Online Poker Sites

by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on Nov 2, 2018  |  Updated on Nov 2, 2018

Playing poker online is going to see you come across lots of different poker sites all of which will be offering you something different, however not all of them are going to be legal poker sites at which you can play at!The reason for that is that most of them will be licensed and regulated in a range of other countries, other than the one you live and reside in, and you will always want to have the peace of mind in knowing that you are playing in a completely legal way!Therefore you really are going to be best advised to spend some time looking at the pros and cons but much more importantly the legalities of playing poker online, based on many different factors, the main one though being where you do currently live.To help you make sense of the ever changing online poker playing environment, and to give you some ideas of just which poker sites are going to be ones you can legally play at, please do read through the following guide I have compiled, for when you do so you will be much better placed to decide just where to play and why!

Recommended Licensed and Legal US Poker sites

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  • Play free or real money Texas Hold’em games

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Poker Site Gambling Commissions

I would urge you to take a look at just which gambling commission or gaming authorities are in place in your home country of residence, for when it comes to playing poker online in a safe and highly regulated environment, that is only something that you will be assured of being able to do when you play at a poker site that is licensed in your home country of residence.However, I do have to point out that some poker sites are to actually licensed anywhere in the world, and they are the poker sites that you should immediately cross of your list of potential poker sites to sign up to and play at.The main benefits of choosing to play only at a licensed and regulated poker site is that you will always know your funds and winnings are safe at those sites, you will also have the complete peace of mind in knowing the poker games are fair, an you do have a channel for any complaints that you may have too.Therefore if you are thinking about playing poker online, then do ensure you find out just where any poker sites that you like the look of are licensed and regulated.

Benefits of Playing at Legal Poker Sites

You will first and foremost always have the protection and security features associated with using any poker software platform or app that is made available to you from full licensed poker sites that have been demanded to be put into place by their licensing commission or gamin authorities.As such all of the financial transactions you make are going to be done so using a highly secure banking interface and there will also be plenty of different payment option on offer to you.There is of course the added benefit of you being able to deposit in your own home currency too, when you make the wise decisions of playing at a poker site that is licensed in your own country of residence, so you will ultimately save a small fortune in currency exchange rate fees when and if you do just that!All of the poker game and poker tournaments will be above board and completely fair and random when playing at a licensed and regulated poker site, so you are never ever going to run the risk of playing rigged games or poker tournaments at such sites.Plus, any funds you do hold in such a poker site or poker app that is fully licensed and regulated are going to be always accessible to you as the poker sites will be required often by law to keep those funds in a completely segregated account.

Legal Poker Site Bonuses

You will always have the peace of mind in knowing that if and when you do decide to claim and utilize poker bonus form any legal poker sites you come across, you are going to find the terms and conditions of those poker bonus offers are very fair and reasonable.If you make the mistake of choosing to play at a poker site that is not licensed anywhere then you do run the very real risk of running into all manner of problems when claiming bonus and could end up having any winnings you achieve when using bonus funds and bonus credits being voided out by an unlicensed poker site too.By you actively only ever playing at legal poker sites if you do ever run into problems with any type poker bonus you have claimed, and in the very unlikely event of the poker site not being willing to address your complaints, you can of course then ask the gaming commission or the licensing authority that have issued that poker site or poker app with the gambling license to step in and help you get your problems addressed, which they will always be willing and more than happy to do by the way!

Most Played Poker Site Games

If you are wondering just what poker games are the most played ones at all licensed and legal and fully regulated poker sites, then you will probabaly not be too surprised to learn it is the classic game of Texas Hold’em Poker that players are always going to want to play at such sites.There will however be additional poker game variants on offer to you are every single poker site so if you are thinking about learning to play some of the more exotic types of poker game variants you will always be able to fund the exact ones you are looking or at some poker sites.As you can play any poker game online at legal poker sites for free before you ever go on to play them for real money, that is the perfect way for you to gain that all important playing experience you will need to acquire before you can truly master playing any type to poker game variants, so make sure you do set aside plenty of free play no risk poker playing session sooner rather than later!

Types of Legal Poker Site Tournaments

You could be something of an avid poker tournament player and if that is the case then there are always going to be a plethora of different poker tournaments that are going to become available to you at any and all legal poker sites you do play at.What I would however urge you to do is to take a look through the poker tournament schedules that you will find listed on each legal and licensed poker sites website as by doing so you will then be able to see when their upcoming poker tournaments are going to be held and all of the relevant details of those poker tournaments too.The way in which those poker tournament shave been structured will of course all be different from site to site and poker app to poker app but at the end of the day you will always know that you have a very fair and reasonable chance of winning when you do decide to enter any of them!

Fast Paying Legal Poker Sites

The one thing that can and often does drive real money online and mobile poker players completely up the wall and can get them very annoyed is when they have to wait for any long periods of time before they get paid out their poker site winnings.Therefore it is imperative that you do select a poker site that can offer you with the fastest pay-out time scales and one that always stick to those fast pay-out time scales too.It is worth me pointing out though that it will often be the payment method you have chosen to get paid out your withdrawals by from any type of poker site that being an online poker site or a mobile poker site that could ultimately determine just how long you have to wait to get paid out.When you for example choose to get paid out by a bank wire you could be waiting or many days before that bank wire hits and gets credited to your bank account, but when using a web wallet for example some poker sites and poker apps can now pay you out all withdrawals in a matter of seconds, so do keep that in mind too!

How to Pick a Legal Poker Site

I would urge you to always be prepared to shop around when you are on the lookout for a brand new poker site at which to play at, for there is no doubt in my mind that you are going to come across literally hundreds of them when you do so.What you will need to do is to put together a check list of your own personal ants and demands and then put together a short list of potential poker sites that are offering you ever single thing on your check list.You should then do research online to discover what other real money players have to say about those licensed and legal poker sites, for the feedback and reviews left online by other real money poker players will give you an idea as to whether any poker site is going to be an ideal one for you to play at.But at the end of the day never forget that it will be your decision and your decision to make as to just which poker sites you do sign up to and play at and never be in too much of a rush to sign up to the very first one you come across is always going to be my advice!

Frequently Asked Questions

In this final section of my guide to play poker at legal and licensed online poker sites, I am going to be answering all manner of different questions about playing poker online, so please do read on as some of the following questions may be ones that you are looking for the answers too.

Are all poker sites licensed?

You need to be aware at all times that not every single poker site you are going to come across is licensed and regulated and as such you should always avoid signing up to a poker site that is not legally licensed as you will have no protection at all when playing t such a site if you do make the mistake of doing so!

How do I complain about a legal poker site?

If you do have a complaint about any legal and licensed online or mobile poker site first contact the poker site  and see if they will rectify the problem, if not contact their gaming license issuer who will be able to assist you in getting your complaint or complaints rectified.

What types of games are available at legal poker sites?

There are going to be poker games of every possible description and type that are available at most if not all online and mobile legally licensed poker sites and poker apps, which is always good to know of course!

Which are the best legal poker sites to play at?

It is going to be your choice as to just which poker games are going to be the very best ones for you to personally play, however the most played poker game in the world is of course the game of Texas Hold’em Poker!

Are all poker app licensed and regulated?

Much like online poker sites you are going to find that the majority of mobile poker apps will be licensed somewhere in the world and therefore those that are will be completely legal and regulated, but there are still a small number of poker apps that do not hold any type of gambling license so avoid using those apps at all times!