Mexican Poker Sites

by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on May 24, 2017  |  Updated on May 24, 2017

Mexico, which is officially known as the United Mexican States, is located to the North of America, and is bordered to the south by the Pacific Ocean. Guatemala is located on the southeast side next to Belize, and the Caribbean Sea. Mexico is a federation that’s that includes 31 states and a federal district.The Peso is the country’s official currency, which is also referred to as MXN. The official language of Mexico is Spanish; however, 68 indigenous languages are also recognized by the country’s government.

Mexican Dollar Poker Sites

There aren’t any poker sites that offer player or account management in Peso’s at this time, however, there are a few different sites that do offer players the ability to play poker using software that’s written in Spanish.

Spanish Poker Sites

Mexican Poker Rake

Many poker players have migrated from the USA to places like Mexico, South America, and Europe following black Friday in the United States. For online poker player’s Mexico is a great choice because it’s so close to the USA, and it’s easy to travel back and forth between the two countries. The downside though is that some popular Mexican poker rooms charge as much as 300 pesos per hand in rake which translates to $30 in USD. That’s a lot to pay for a big hand of poker!This obviously doesn’t affect online poker players that don’t dabble in live games.

Well Known Mexican Poker Players

The following players have earned the most money playing poker according to the Hendon Mob database of all-time money earning players for Mexico.

  • Juan Carlos Alvarado
  • Luis Velador
  • Angel Guillen
  • Jose Manuel Nadal
  • Victoriano Perches
  • Santiago Nadal
  • David Cossio
  • Jorge Landazuri
  • Gerardo Godinez
  • Diego Sanchez

Mexican Deposit and Withdrawal Options

There are several convenient and easy to use ways to make deposits and to process withdrawals to and from online poker accounts in Mexico. Options include using online eWallet’s like PayPal and NETeller, in addition to using prepaid methods like uKash vouchers, as well as using bank transfers, checks, etc.The most popular way however is to simply pull a credit card, or prepaid debit out of your wallet and make the deposit.Be sure you check out the latest bonus codes here on the site however to ensure that you’re receiving the most valuable bonus offer currently available.

Major Tournament Events in Mexico

Several online poker sites sponsor major poker events in Mexico. For instance, Titan Poker sponsors regional tournaments that are held online and restricted to residents of Mexico and other regions including special depositor’s only freeroll events that are only available to real money players from each geographical area.The largest live poker event however is of course the LAPT an event which is sponsored annually by PokerStars.

States in Mexico

As we listed above, there are 31 states and a Federal District in Mexico that together make up the country, the Federal District is Ciudad de Mexico, the states that call Mexico home are listed below:

  • Aguascalientes
  • Baja California
  • Campeche
  • Chiapas
  • Chihuahua
  • Coahuila
  • Colima
  • Durango
  • Guanajuato
  • Guerrero
  • Hidalgo
  • Jalisco
  • Mexico
  • Michoacan
  • Morelos
  • Nayarit
  • Nuevo Leon
  • Oaxaca
  • Puebla
  • Queretaro
  • Quintana Roo
  • San Luis Potosi
  • Sinaloa
  • Sonora
  • Tabasco
  • Tamaulipas
  • Tlaxcala
  • Veracruz
  • Ignacio de la Llave
  • Yucatan
  • Zacatecas

Live Casinos in Mexico

Mexico’s casino industry is full of scandal and intrigue rather than regulation and security. One such example came about last December when Mexican President Felipe Calderon issued sum 94 gambling permits to two casino operators.In more recent news, a casino in Puerto Vallarta was shut down due to unsafe conditions, including a lack of fire extinguishers, and failing to provide proof of fire retardant carpeting, following the shut-down, the casino was forced to remain closed for … almost an entire 30 minutes!Silvestre Chavez, Puerto Vallarta’s public safety security chief ordered the building reopened, stating that he’d visited less than 2 weeks ago, and saw nothing amiss.So it’s safe to say that there are poker games being held in casinos in Mexico, as to whether or not visiting is a good idea, well we’ll leave that up to you for the time being.