Are New Jersey Online Poker Sites Fair

Are New Jersey Online Poker Sites Fair May 23, 2017 Mario Alfonsi
by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on May 23, 2017  |  Updated on May 23, 2017

new jerseyOne thing that anyone who has ever played online poker at an offshore based poker site before will not have ever really been guaranteed of is getting a fair game. In fact it has been proven then some online poker sites operating from overseas jurisdictions have been offering rigged poker games which has sadly resulted in a lot of players being gripped off and cheated when they played at those sites.Have a look at the article written by Adrian Sterne to find out the list of NJ Poker sites that has license.This is why one of the most comprehensive and thorough regulating procedures has been put in play by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission, and this ensures that when you are playing poker at any online poker site in usa that has been granted one of their online gambling permits and licenses you will always be getting a fair and true game.Unlike when you are playing poker in a land based venue you cannot physically see every aspect of the game unfolding in front of you, and this is where it has been very important for the New Jersey Casino Control Commission to guarantee any site licensed by them adheres to a very strict code of conduct and set of regulations to ensure fair play and integrity of their gaming software, gaming platform and random number generators.When you play poker at any site licensed in New Jersey the random number generators used by that respective site will randomly select the cards to be dealt out to every player, and for added protection and player security all of the games played on at such sites keep a full audit trail and as such these can be fully reviewed as and when required.It is an ongoing process in regards to maintaining a fair and level playing field for online poker players and as such you will find random spot checks can and will be performed on the poker operating platforms, software and random number generators which ensure every single pay is getting fair and honest poker games.It is worth also noting that should any player has any concerns what so every in regards to the fairness and integrity of any online poker site licensed by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission then those players have a channel at which they can express their concerns and this is done by contacting the Gaming Enforcement Division.The world of online poker playing is now open to anyone above the legal age to gamble in the State of New Jersey and no longer are you forced to play at unlicensed and unregulated offshore poker sites, where anything can and often does happen!

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