by Mario Alfonsi  |  Published on May 24, 2017  |  Updated on May 24, 2017

The country of Canada is located in North America. Canada is made up of a total of 10 provinces and three territories (Northwest Territories, Nunavut & Yukon). Canada borders the United States and reaches all the way from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific and onward to the Arctic Ocean. Canada’s the 2nd largest country in the world calculated by total area.CanadaNow we’re not going to get too caught up in the geography of Canada, but I’ll mention briefly that the difference between a Canadian territory and a Canadian province is the way it’s relationship to Canada was created. Canadian Territories are created by federal law in Canada whereas Canadian provinces were created by the Constitution Act dated April 17th 1982. The official currency in Canada is the Canadian Dollar, which is abbreviated as CAD.To be perfectly honest, it doesn’t matter in which Canadian Province (Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland & Labrador) you live, you are always going to have access to a very large number of poker sites.

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There are however lots of poker games and poker tournaments that all Canadian poker players, both novice and highly experienced ones are going to find available to them, and those games and tournaments can be played online or even via a mobile device too.However, both the online and mobile poker playing environment are ever changing ones, and that is one of the reasons I have chosen to put together this guide on Canadian Poker sites, for I want you to be 100% confident that you are playing at the best sites and also playing poker optimally and using the best strategy possible too.

It is of course going to be your decision to make as to whether you do play poker from home online, or whether you stick to playing in a land based poker room, but please do read on for I am confident that by doing so you will be able to make a well balanced decision as to just where you will enjoy playing the most!

There’s no such thing as a poker site that’s licensed by the Canadian Government at this time, however, there are Indian tribes that as sovereign states provide gambling licenser and regulation to Canada based poker sites. The most well-known Canadian poker licensing entity is the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.I should point out that when you do set about looking for poker sites at which to play at if you are based in Canada, you are going to find a very good mix of them, but not every poker site you do find is available to you is going to be licensed and regulated.One of the things that does need to be at the very top of your list of wants and demands when searching for such a site to sign up to and play at is that the sites you do decide to join must have a full and currently valid gambling license.

There are going to be way too many risks that you will not want to take by playing poker for real money in Canada at sites that are not licensed or regulated anywhere, and those risks could include you playing poker games that are not 100% fair and random.Plus, your funds are never going to be fully protected when and if you do make the mistake of playing at unlicensed poker sites, so make sure that you only ever do play at legally licensed poker sites as you will have the full protection of the gaming commission that licensed those sites when you do so!

Major Canadian Cities


The city with the largest population in Canada is Toronto. This is one reason that the city’s planning commission says Toronto just doesn’t need a casino. The city planners office says that Toronto isn’t some American dive city that can’t support itself and needs to rely on the support of a casino, or well that’s not exactly what they said verbatim, but that’s what I read when I read some comments made in a statement by the Toronto City Planning Office.

Toronto’s downtown area is a healthy, vibrant and cosmopolitan area supporting the city’s fastest growing neighbourhoods and is home to one third of Toronto’s jobs. Where some North American cities, like Detroit, Cleveland and Baltimore, have embraced casinos as a strategy to assist in revitalizing their languishing downtown areas and to stimulate economic development and recovery, this is not required in Toronto’s downtown area.

 Montreal Casino


Montreal is the 2nd largest city in Canada, and is also known unofficially as the countries financial hub. Montreal is also home to the Montreal Casino which is also known as “Casino de Montreal“.

Well Known Canuck Poker Players

Canada has produced some of the most well-known poker players in the entire world, including the #1 name on the Canadian all time money list that’s published on the Hendon Mob website, Daniel Negreanu, other notables names include Jonathan Duhamel, Shawn Buchanan and Sorel Mizzi.

Canadian Poker Tax

Tax law in Canada pretty much says that professional poker players are the only ones liable for paying tax on poker winnings, however, there are those that say that the way the law is written, it’s actually not possible in Canada to be considered a professional poker player. On the other side of that coin though, Canada does expect to see a tax payment if the player shows a reasonable expectation of profit. If you’re just a once in a while poker player, there’s a good chance this doesn’t apply to you. However, if you play pretty frequently, and you usually make a profit, you’re at risk of being considered someone that plays with a reasonable expectation of profit, and that likely owes tax.For the latest Canadian taxation information, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website.

Canadian Deposit and Withdrawal Options

To date, making a deposit or withdrawal at an online poker site is still a pretty simple process for those in Canada. All of the following methods of managing poker bankroll related transactions are available to persons that are located or reside in Canada.

It is the way that you choose to top up your Canadian poker site accounts and the way that you choose to get paid out your winnings that will often determine whether you are going to be hit with any additional fees and charges as an online player.

Frequently Asked Questions

Canadian online poker players are growing in number each week, and if you do fancy joining those players then it isn’t going to take you very long to find a top rated poker site. However, if you have any questions about playing poker online in Canada you could find those questions answered in the final section of this guide below.

Do all poker sites and poker apps accept CAD?

A high percentage of online and mobile poker sites these days offer a multi currency type of account setting, and as such when you sign up to most poker sites and poker apps you can pick which currency setting you want to have in use on your account which can of course include CAD!

Are free play tables available to Canadian players?

You are going to have access to free play poker tables and games when you sign up to most poker sites so if you are based in Canada and simply want to play for free and at no risk online, then that is something that you are always going to be able to do!

Which poker games offer the biggest pay-outs?

It will be the no limit poker game variants that are going to give you the chance of winning big when playing poker online form anywhere in Canada but come poker games also have bad beat jackpots too that can and do award some mega life changing jackpots to players too!

What poker game is the best one to play in Canada?

I would advise you to make up your own mind as to just which poker game variants you do end up playing or you may find you prefer playing one to any other, but as far as which is the most popular poker game playing in Canada that is of course Texas Hold’em Poker!

What poker tournaments are popular in Canada?

As far as which are going to be the very best poker tournaments and the most popular ones with players based in Canada I would say the satellite poker tournaments do seem to get a lot of attention from Canadian poker players so be on the lookout for some of them to enter!