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Play poker online and learn why it can actually be a better game than land based face to face poker.

When most people, online poker players aside, think of a game of poker they either envision the old west in America, back in the days of the gold miners betting away their livelihoods on hands of poker, or the poker room of a casino. Some might even envision what they've seen on Poker after Dark, or a broadcast of the World Series of Poker.

The common link is that they imagine a face to face game of poker, which at least at one time was as much a social experience as it was a strategic gambling game.

Today there are however more choices available than ever before when it comes to the ways a person can play poker, the games available, the stakes, and the venues. That is because there are actually more poker games being played online than there are in real live brick and mortar establishments.

Play Poker Online in the United States

The UIGEA, known ever-so-fondly to Americans that play online poker as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act changed the online poker industry not only in the USA upon its passage, but globally as well. Thousands of jobs in the advertising and gambling worlds were lost, and many pro poker players were forced into finding other ways to support themselves, all because someone let a self-serving rat into the white house.

If you don't particularly follow politics, and aren't a reader of John Grisham books, then you may not understand how deals are made between politicians with personal agendas. If that's the case, then you probably don't have any idea how in the world a bill that restricted online gambling made its way onto a Port Securities Bill that was designed to protect our countries ports against terrorism.

As a direct result of that bill, the way that online poker sites are allowed to interact with financial institutions has changed. In most states, there are no laws that restrict an online poker players right to play poker, just the poker sites right to use our banks to process transactions.

There are some solutions to this problem, including the use of prepaid international credit cards. You'll find more information about that in our specific country-related payment method articles.

At any rate, there are still poker sites that accept players from the USA.

USA Poker Sites

  • Carbon Poker

Play Poker Online in Australia

Gambling and poker law isn't very simple in Australia either. It is legal for Australian residents to play poker online, however, it's only legal for some poker sites to offer games to people in Australia. Many of the larger online poker sites available to Australians have simply chosen to ignore this law. Much like many of the poker sites offering play to Americans have opted to ignore the United States UIGEA.

In a nutshell, the Australian law says that all sites offering play to Australian poker players must be licensed and located within Australia. Since Australia was not welcoming any new poker sites that left only the sites that were grandfathered in before the passage of the Interactive Gambling Act in 2001 as legal Australian poker options. However, the last remaining grandfathered site shut its doors when the United States passed their Unlawful Internet Gambling and Enforcement Act, which effectively wiped out the sites United States market-share for the poker site, and put them right out of business... ah... politics.
At any rate, the important thing for those that want to play poker online from within Australia is that there has been no effort as of yet to criminalize online poker as there has been in the States.

The future for Australian online poker sites looks to be strong, as there has been no serious effort to criminalize playing poker online. Australia may be in the middle of a battle over poker machine reform, but online poker in Australia appears to be far removed from that fight. It is likely that foreign online poker sites will continue to operate freely in Australia for the foreseeable future.

Real Money Australian Poker Sites

All of the following online poker sites still allow residents of Australia to play online poker using their software for both free and real money.

Play Poker Online in Europe

There's really not a lot of point in our listing the places that you can play poker at if you're from Europe. Let's just say it's a sad state when people are willing to leave their country, and move to Europe so that they can continue their careers as online poker players.

Europe is one of the top destinations for professional online poker immigrants.

Most Popular Destinations for Online Poker Immigrants

We believe that these are the most popular destinations for profitable poker players when it comes to relocating to new lands where the freedom to play online poker still exists.

  • Thailand
  • Prague
  • Budapest
  • Barcelona
  • Bogota

Wherever you're located, we'll always list the best options for online poker play here. Be sure to bookmark this page by pressing ctrl d on your computers keyboard and come back and visit often.