No Download Poker Sites - Flash Online Poker Sites

Generally speaking the download version of an online poker site is going to be the most favorable option. There are actually a few reasons that most poker players go ahead and download their favorite poker sites to their computers desktop instead of simply playing them from within their browser windows.

For one thing, it's simply more convenient to turn on your computer and double click the poker sites icon to open it up. You can multi-task between web-browsers, word documents and poker games all at once, and when it's your turn the game pops right up at you.

Downloadable versions of poker games also offer more as far as player tools and statistics. If you've ever seen the lobby of a poker room on the Internet, you've probably seen a nice selection of statistics there including the average number of players at a table that see each flop over the last hour.

The download version of a poker site is also more likely to be compatible with neat software like Poker Stove, or Poker Tracker, if you're not familiar with those titles, just keep in mind that the guys that keep beating you, hand after hand, probably are. One of the best things about a downloaded poker game is that they are generally multi-table friendly.

Why Do People Need No Download Poker Sites

There are times when you will find yourself in need of no-download-poker-sites. It might be that the poker site that you're trying to play at doesn't offer a downloadable version of their Mac client, even though Macintosh is the #2 operating system in the entire world, and is in fact the most mainstream, non-mainstream invention in the ever to exist.

Perhaps you're using a free operating system, like Ubuntu, after all, why pay for software when you could use your bankroll to play online poker at real money poker site right? Ubuntu and other Linux computer operating systems aren't compatible with most Windows compatible poker sites, so you'll need to find a compatible no-download site to be able to play online poker from a Linux computer system.

Perhaps you're stuck at a friend's house, or on you colleges library computer, or just plain playing at the library, and you cannot download the poker sites software to the system. This would be an exceptional reason to play at a site like that has both a downloadable option as well as a no download version of the poker site available for players.

No Download Poker Sites for Mobile Poker Players

The mobile poker craze has created a new reason for poker players to go forth in search of no-download poker sites. Whether you've got an Apple product, like the iPad, iPod, or an iPhone, another netbook, like the Nook, or a different mobile telephone, such as an Android, or yes, even a Blackberry no download poker sites may be in your future.

Many online poker sites have created compatible versions of their software for users of a variety of mobile devices. However, in the case that you aren't able to find a poker site that will run from your cell phone or iPad's browser, there's probably an app for that.

PokerStars for instance offers a no download poker site, as well as a downloadable option for both Windows and Macintosh systems all in addition to a very advanced mobile app for both Android mobile users as well as iPhone, and iPad users. In fact, it will even work on the new iPod touch.

There are a handful of really snazzy poker apps that will likely work with your mobile, such as the PokerStars app that even allows for multi-tabling. There are also no-download poker sites that are compatible with your device. If there aren't, well it's probably time to call your service provider and ask what your options for an upgrade into the current decade are,

How Do No-Download Poker Sites Work

In a nutshell no download poker sites work just like their downloadable counterparts. You log-in to your online poker account choose a table, and play poker. However, these sites are usually operated via either the Macromedia Flash programming or Sun Microsystems' Java Script.

It's simple really, for the user. Anywhere you have access to the internet; you can play poker from within your browser. So whether you're using a netbook, a laptop, or a mobile phone, you can login to the Internet, and use the Internet Browser that you usually use. In fact, there are poker sites that are compatible with just about every browser on offer as well. That includes Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and a few very obsolete Internet browsers.