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Online casino, Betvoyager, brings you a wide array of equal odds games and regular casino games. Players have the opportunity to play equal odds games without paying commission to the house. The wheel of fortune at Betvoyager allows players the option to choose between the regular and house versions. In case, they choose the regular version, they have to pay 3% house advantage on each bet. On the other hand, the casino exclusive house version charges 10% house advantage only when players win a bet. Other popular games on the website are roulette games, blackjack, video poker, poker, slots and other games. The casino guarantees no interference on the betting decisions of players. Participants can access the games in both mobile and desktop versions.

Special Betvoyager Games

The casino presents some exclusive games to its players. These games are not accessible in nay other casino. Two of the popular games are two-player baccarat and Imperial Poker, where the latter comes with several exchange options. Other exclusive games are dice, Pearl pachinko, Three Ball Roulettes, a poker game besides the Imperial Poker and stos.

Card Games

At Betvoyager, players can opt for both conventional and exclusive games. This indicates that they can either play with house advantage or without it. The following card games are displayed on the casino's site.
  1. Catch a wave
  2. Blackjack
  3. 3 card baccarat
  4. 11 variants of poker
  5. Punto banco
  6. 6 types of video poker
  7. Stos

Roulette Games

Betvoyager offers Multiball Roulette, No-Zero Roulette, Roulette Express, American Roulette and European Roulette. All the games are accessible on both mobile and desktop platforms. Players can choose to participate in games with house edge or those without house edge. The roulette games cater to the likes of various types of players.


Slots occupy an important position in the online casino. Sea Journey, Sport Cars, Seven Wonders of the World, Casino, Refrigerator, Airplanes, Fortune Bell and Rush4Cash are some of the most famous games on the site.

Mobile Games

Single Deck American Blackjack, Caribbean Poker, No-Zero Roulette, 27 slots, dice and Multiball Roulette are some games available on mobile devices. All these games come with no advantage to the house. Players can choose not to pay commission to Betvoyager when they play European and American Roulettes.


SSL Web Server Certificates recognized by Thawte encode data that players feed to the site. The ID Quantique designed random number generator is certified by Compliance Testing Laboratory or CTL. ID Quantique is a leading name in the industry. Both the contraptions make the site secure from malware. The privacy policy of the online casino also hinders third parties from accessing data from the site.


Betvoyager comes with a 24 hour support system for its players. The PR and customer support teams are accessible through e-mail and Skype. Visitors to the site can share their outlook or ask questions on the feedback segment. The FAQ section also offers help, if players have any query.

The Minimum Deposit Amount at Betvoyager Casino
is only € 2 !!

Payment Methods

Players can deposit cash with the help of Neteller, Paysafecard, Eco, Webmoney and Skrill. They can also make payments through credit cards (Mastercard and Visa). Betvoyager does not permit players to withdraw money by using Paysafecard. All the other aforementioned modes are used to withdraw money. If players do not transact via credit cards, they have to maintain a minimum amount of deposit and withdrawal, at €2 and €1 respectively.

Deposit Bonuses

The Betvoyager Casino offers it's (new) players massive deposit bonuses :
  1. 100% match up bonus on their first deposit + 100 free spins
  2. 75% match bonus on their second deposit + 75 free spins
  3. 50% match bonus on their third deposit + 50 free spins

Controlling Fairness and Randomness

The Fairness Control Technology offers a chance to players to check how fair the online casino is. This technology can provide them with the encrypted results of the game. Betvoyager makes use of SHA-256 algorithm based Randomness Control Technology. This technology helps players to check randomness on the site.


Players can avail the following benefits when choosing Betvoyager.
  1. Take part in Betvoyager exclusive games
  2. Play most games without paying commission
  3. Engage with an efficient customer care team in case of any query
  4. Opt to play games on mobile devices
  5. Participate in equal odds roulettes, like No-Zero Roulette
  6. Assess the integrity of Betvoyager
  7. Bet without any influence from the casino

100% Deposit Bonus plus 100 Free Spins

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